Is it possible to change the system of medical services in Germany?


What if we change the complicated bureaucracy experience of medical services in Germany into a pleasant one?


This project is a 5-days intensive workshop of IBM Design Thinking Framework led by Katharina Kirch.

Project Info
5-days Sprint
User Experience
Hochschule Anhalt x IBM

Team Info
Camila Giraldo – Service Designer
Jonathan Edward – UX Designer
Himanshu Singh – Researcher

The Problem

Booking a doctor’s appointment in Germany is a nightmare for all international students where they are expected to speak German fluently and need to wait for at least 3 months to get an appointment with a doctor. Is it possible to change the system of medical service in Germany?


After defining the problem, we went to have several interviews with the Sponsor Users to gain more understanding of the context. The persona “Putri Lestari” is created based on contextual inquiries gathered from the real users.


After creating the persona for this project, we created an empathy map to create a deeper connection with the persona regarding this specific problem.


Then we created a scenario map of the user on booking a doctor’s appointment. The goal is to pinpoint the pain points and clearly see on which step the problem lies.


We decided on a “Need Statement” that will be the epicentre of our solution later on. This statement function as the essential goal that we want to fulfil through this project.

Our Need Statement.

Our Need Statement.

Based on the Need Statement, we propose some new ideas to solve the problem and create a prioritization grid to select which ideas are impactful and feasible enough to be done in time.


We decided to create an online platform that connects user and doctors through videochat and digital prescriptions.

Job List.png

We created paper prototypes of the app to test with the Sponsor Users and gather feedback before moving on the next step.


We launched the first iteration of the prototype to the public and gather feedback on what can be improved for the next iteration.

We also created a quick demo video of how the user will use the app. It was a very fun experience because we learn a lot from putting ourselves in the users’s shoes.


The latest iterations.

Friendly Welcome

We want to create a sense of hospitality in the home dashboard, that’s why we use illustrations and copywriting that is warm and cordial.

Job detail.png

Smart Suggestions

The app offers smart suggestions to help the user find the doctor that really match their symptoms and needs.


Digital Appointments

Booking an appointment is just a thumb away and easily done from anywhere. All the records are stored digitally and the user will be notified when the time comes.


Digital Prescriptions & Medical ID

Prescriptions are recorded digitally and can be tracked down easily by both patients and doctors. The user profile also includes Medical ID to provide medical information in emergency situations.



Due to time constraints, the research is limited to a smaller user audience and a small amount of data. More extensive research and additional prototype testing need to be conducted in order to refine the design solutions. Thank you for reading through this case study. If you have any feedback, I’d like to hear from you.