Empowering Indonesia’s medical workforce through career matchmaking with relatable health industries


Empowering Indonesia’s medical workforce through career matchmaking with relatable health industries


The goal of this project was to create a seamless easy-to-use experience for health workforce in Indonesia.

Project Info
Long-term internal project
User Experience

Team Info
dr. Louise Liyadi – Founder
Jonathan Edward – Product Designer
Bontor Situgang – Developer

Introducing MedisCerdas

Established in 2016, is the first career site in Indonesia especially for the healthcare industry. Data of nation-wide healthcare professionals is gathered and organised for hiring companies.
It is designed to be the one-stop job portal for the medical workforce by having a complete list of vacancies from all over the nation. Medis Cerdas also works as an official linking platform between the Human Resources Department and Medical Job-Seekers. With proper verification methods, minimizing the risk of fraud.

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The numbers look promising however there’s a significant drop in the number who finished signing up & completed their profile. That is why we decided to conduct further research to find insights to solve the problem.

We carried out several interviews with doctors and nurses in Indonesia, either face to face or by phone. We figure out there is a significant difference in attitude & behaviours between doctors and nurses, how they approach the topic of job-searching and how they behave in the site. Hence, to empathize further with the users, we create two personas, dr. Wahyu & Nurcahya, to help us align our strategy and goals to this specific user group.


22 y.o. Licensed Nurse
She just recently graduated and finally got her official license to work as a Nurse. She would love to find a place to work right away, but she hasn’t figured out how to make a proper profile to show her resume. Her only option right now is to call each hospital or clinic for open vacancies which are very time consuming for her.

dr. Wahyu
30 y.o Resident Doctor
He is currently working in a state-run university hospital for 2 years, he is searching for another possible option for his next career step. There isn't much information available regarding vacancies for doctors, the only option for him is to ask his alumni or colleagues for job opportunities.

Based on the information from our current product, we drafted an existing user journey to pinpoint where are the actual pain points and how to actually tackle the problem.


Here are the pain-points that we found.

  • Long Signup Forms

    Users found the signup forms too long to fill, might need to take some time and hesitate to finish the sign-up process. Most of the users work fulltime and does not work in front of a computer, hence they might need to finish the form only when they have time at the weekend.

  • Complicated Profile
    Users found completing the profile complicated because it is very complex and all the education and job-related are in one place.

  • Job Search
    Users found the job search feature and the job detail page not easy to use because the unclear information regarding the job and where to apply.

Another problem that occurs is that the lack of identity from the site because we previously used Bootstrap as the base of our site. Therefore we decided that for MedisCerdas 3.0 we want to create a design system that has our identity embedded inside the whole site.

We developed MC 3.0 design system, the design direction is focused on creating a pleasant and professional experience for MedisCerdas, with bright MedisCerdas red as the signature colour. We created the components to be as modular as possible for all MedisCerdas interfaces, to create a unified design style & code-friendly components.


Easy Sign Up

To fix the bottleneck problem with the sign-up progress, we developed a seamless sign-up system, integrating Facebook & Google account to help users sign up with effortlessly with their social/email account. This process also helps us verify the user hence the user doesn't need to leave the site to verify themselves from their email account.


Transparent Job Search

We gather and curate all the essential details in job details and bring them together in an unambiguous & crystal clear way. The user can easily scroll through and filter the job search page to their specific needs.

Job List.png

Picture-perfect Profile

The overall look of the user profile page is redesigned to create a more professional and well-structured look, easy to be read at a glance and ready to be used for job applications. All the user's profile information, from experience to education are organized in different components.


All in one place

We build a new dashboard page for both company & user side. This dashboard function as a landing page when they log into their account, all the essential information are collected in one place, easy for them to digest and keep up to date with their job search.


Clear Hierarchy

Job search is already hard to begin with, so we want to help our user to easily understand what's behind this job as fast as possible. The user can easily glance the salary offer, benefits and job requirements in a second.

Job detail.png

Celebrate little things!

We congratulate the user when they accomplish some actions with pop-up notifications. These notifications come with suitable icons to clarify the status and conditions of the action.



It has been a compelling experience to work directly with a doctor on building this product. I have learned a lot as a designer, how to build and create a better experience for a specific market.